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SGA Provides 75 Years of Songwriting Service, Advocacy

The Songwriters Guild of America is comprised of three entities:

The SGA, as a whole, is keenly aware that American music has been the backbone of entertainment exports to the rest of the world, a major foundation of America's gross national product and, more importantly, a cultural touch stone of our emotions, memories and lives. The SGA seeks to protect this valuable commodity, this art, by ensuring that those who seek to make music, and songwriting, their career are able to do so at a wage that allows them to care for themselves and their families.

With this goal in mind, the SGA is a major advocate of songwriters rights with its work on Capitol Hill. The victories enjoyed, there, by the SGA have benefitted not just SGA members but songwriters as a whole. You can read about early SGA victories, here, or read SGA President Rick Carnes' recent statement to Congress, here.

In addition to the advocacy work done by the SGA, members benefit from a host of regional events and services carried out by SGA offices in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Finally, the SGA Foundation engages in outreach to communities and populations in need of education about songwriting, music and the role these arts play in the enrichment of our lives and the advancement of our spiritual and intellectual growth. Outreach efforts include the education of students, teachers and others in the art of songwriting and basic music skills. Further educational effors seek to help developing songwriters improve their creative skills and develop the business skills needed to survive in the music business, today.

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