Pro Singer-Songwriter,
Gregory Douglass, Joins SGA -
Offers Songwriting Class

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Developing Songwriters

Not yet published but driven to make music? Here you can hone your skills with courses, submit songs to pro critiques, network with pros, meet peers and more

Professional Services

As a professional songwriter (or heir to an estate), you need to protect your copyrights, pitch your catalog, collect royalties and more -- we can help.

Music Advocacy

Our work in Washington has resulted in increased royalty rates, tougher laws against music piracy and congressional education about the business and technology of music.


Abbey Road Mastered "House Of All Seasons" Released By SGA's Eric Nyberg

HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS is a dynamic, eclectic and lovingly-crafted music project by Boston-area songwriter Eric Nyberg. It is inspired by such varied artists as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Bea...

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Check out members' site - writersactive.com

Boca Raton-based SGA member Kevin Gaddis has launched a new website WRITERSACTIVE.COM. Membership is free. Members can post their songs for peer feedback and find collaborators. Make sure to check ...

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SGA Member Vid A Reminder: Rock & Roll Is Meant To Be Fun

SGA member Jordan Moed and his band Legacy have made a video that reminds us rock & roll was meant to be fun. Watch it here. ...

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