Since 1931, we've given developing songwriters the chance to learn from, and network with, the nation's most successful music creators.

Our professional members have written everything from all-time classics for performers like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to present-day, multi-platinum hits spanning all genres of music. Probably nowhere else can you network with and learn from so many successful professional music creators.

We continue to serve developing songwriters with the nation's strongest pro-creator song contract, song critiques from multi-platinum songwriters and education about the craft of music and its technology.

Within the next few weeks we will launch an entirely new Songwriters Cafe. Providing networking that is part social and part professional, you will create your own profiles, tell your story as an artist, name your influences and styles and connect with others who are seeking co-writers, band members, style consultants, lyricists and more.

Now more than ever songwriters and music creators need to drive their own careers. In response, we'll offer you a space on our Members' Showcase where your music can reside, side by side with some of the best songwriters of all time. Also our professional educators and songwriters are creating learning maps to show you how to write better music, how to market it and how to perform it. As you follow these maps, complete classes and quizzes and pick up certificates, you'll have the chance to level up your membership for chances to win music prizes. Most importantly, in building your own page (complete with media player) you'll have a place to share with others your passion for making music.

Not yet a member? Visit our membership page to join.

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