Kelly & Ellis Launch Debut Album "The Long Road To You"

Casey Kelly and Leslie Ellis of Kelly & Ellis


"The Long Road To You," is the latest album offering from SGA Executive Vice President Casey Kelly. Kelly and his wife Leslie Ellis (the duo, Kelly & Ellis), released the album this spring and are now touring to support it. This month the duo toured Florida where they played alongside an old friend of Casey's -- Jimmy Faden of the Nitty Gritty Dirty Band. Says Casey, "We met when I was working with Tom Rush. He was playing the Troubador and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was opening for him."

The duo also headlined the opening of the new venue for the Broward Folk Club at Gigi’s Music Cafe in Sunrise, FL. The headliners were popular and the show ran late into the night, according to show coordinators, "because nobody wanted to leave."

The couple's debut album isn't just winning over fans in the U.S. It's also seeing success on the European Amaericana charts. Check our their notices here.

You can check out more about this successful music and life duo on their site -- -- and follow them over on Kelly and Ellis on Facebook.