This membership is for published songwriters (and their heirs) who want to take advantage of our services, protect their intellectual property rights, enforce collection of royalties and give back to the songwriting community. New Diamond Members receive:


  • Copyright Termination and Recapture
  • Song Licensing
  • Song Placement
  • Royalty Collection
  • Contracts & Records
  • Reporting


  • T-shirt
  • Membership card
  • One free entry to the SGA Standards Awards
  • 50% discount on additional SGA Standards Award entries
  • Discounts with our partners (like discounted entries to the Independent Music Awards)
  • Increased point opportunities for equipment give aways
  • Support of the SGA's advocacy work on Capitol Hill and around the world
  • Opportunity to market your music, mentor other songwriters, develop classes and more


This is our most complex membership and requires an understanding of your catalog, royalty collection issues and other challenges you may be facing. You should call us prior to joining. Our Director of Professional Services, Sam Fein, can answer any questions you have. Then, when you're ready, enter your desired user name, below, and the hit the "Buy Now" button where you can join via PayPal.

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