Abbey Road "House Of All Seasons" Debuts

HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS is a dynamic, eclectic and lovingly-crafted music project by Boston-area songwriter Eric Nyberg. It is inspired by such varied artists as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead, Elton John and many other classic and contemporary artists. Nyberg was born with a love for music; in fact it's in his DNA. His grandmother was a piano teacher in the Boston suburbs for many years and his uncle went to the famed Juilliard School where he studied trumpet.

Nyberg formed HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS in the fall of 2011 and released the project’s first EP "Corners" in 2012, followed by a second EP "Opening Scenes" in 2013. The self-titled debut album was released in November 2016 and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Simon Gibson -- who won a Grammy in 2009 for helping remaster The Beatles' catalog. "I never, in a million years, thought I would have an album worked on at Abbey Road, let alone by someone involved with The Beatles. It is probably the highest honor of my life" says Nyberg.

The self-titled HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS was conceived, from the start, to contain three distinct flavors. According to Nyberg, the first few songs on the album show the blues and rock influence on Nyberg's music; those songs in the middle of the album demonstrate Nyberg's identity as a singer-songwriter, and; the final songs pay tribute to his psychedelic influences via The Beatles, Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

"I'm a devoted music lover" Nyberg continues, "I love many types of music. I can go from listening to Robert Johnson to The Righteous Brothers to Metallica and then to Beethoven without any lack of enthusiasm. You can expect many different types of songs from me, but within a framework that makes them relate to each other. The Beatles' White Album, Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and the Stones' Exile on Main Street showed me how to take multiple music styles and make them work within an album."

Recording sessions for HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS began in April 2016 and work was completed in August 2016. Nyberg wrote all of the lyrics and music on the album and played all instruments with two exceptions: Jake Burton, a session drummer and teacher from Nashville (who has played with such well known acts as Leon Russell and the Gin Blossoms) played drums on Simmer Down and Axe Fall Blues. The eponymous album was recorded in Nyberg’s home studio and mastered by Gibson at Abbey Road Studios. FOr a freshman release, it's an ambitious freshman effort.

Nyberg admits to being ambitious but only modestly so. "I love music and I want it to be my life’s work - but not in the rock star, world-famous-icon sense. I love blending tones... creating imagery with the words and music... the production, I geek out on all that stuff. I'm devoted to the craft. There isn't a greater communicator in the entire world than music and I'm thankful to God for the gift and the opportunity to share it.”

HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS is out now and available for download from, Google Play, Amazon, Apple ITunes and on CD from It is also streaming on Spotify. Prospective listeners can hear the album in its entirety at A vinyl pressing will be available in the near future.