Harriet Schock's Monday-night class, May 2017.

Harriet Schock songwriting classes begin July 31. Learn more now.

Hit singer-songwriter, SGA board member and songwriting instructor Harriet Schock is enrolling students for her upcoming classes:

  • Tuesday-Night Songwriting Workshop starts August 1. No audition required.
  • Monday-Night Songwriting Workshop starts July 31. Audition required.

Harriet is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated songwriter who has been teaching her renowned step-by-step method for thirty years -- since she taught at USC. She teaches her method online by private, personal email between the student and herself. Each step is sent by email and reviewed by her, personally, answered and then the next step is sent. Going through the steps, students end up with one song and a technology for writing songs in the future that exercises every muscle of the songwriting process. Structure, melody, harmony, storytelling, clarity, and visual lyric writing are all addressed so that the songwriter ends up with a song that has emotional impact on the listener.