Our new PLATINUM-PRO membership fills the gap for professional-level songwriters who remain INDIE at heart but need some help landing licensing deals. In addition to getting all the benefits of a regular Platinum membership, if approved, you'll also get the chance to post songs on our music licensing site. 

Our site is marketed to music supervisors and others seeking songs for their projects. Songs will be offered on pre-licensed deals. For projects that require more than a pre-licensed deal, we will offer members two advice sessions to help them navigate the negotiation of more complex deals.

Gregory  Douglas performs, pre-pandemic, at the SGA's Speakeasy. While it was a fun night, we won't be doing LA events in August from now on.

The Platinum-Pro membership is a membership for professional-level Indie songwriters who need some help landing licensing of their songs.

What's Included

This membership includes:

  • The ability to present your pre-licensed songs for sale to music supervisors and other seeking songs for projects; and
  • Two advice sessions with our Director of Professional Services offering help with negotiation of more complex deals.

This membership also includes everything offered at our regular Platinum level, including:

  • SGA t-shirt
  • Three song critiques with a double-diamond-selling songwriter
  • One contract review
  • Discounts on entries to the SGA Awards
  • Quarterly prizes for the most active Members' Studio participants (instruments, equipment & classes)
  • Life-long access to the members-only area -- our Members' Studio.

What Isn't Included

This membership offers talented, professional-level songwriters another venue for licensing of their songs. 

Because the songs posted on on our licensing are curated by some of the country's most successful songwriters -- music supervisors find credible hits suitable for their projects. This increases the trust music professionals place in our site. Despite these benefits, this membership does NOT promise members a personal song plugger or guarantee of licensing deals. 

Our licensing site is heavily marketed toward the music supervisor community and others seeking music for projects. However, this membership does not promise PERSONAL placement of your songs. 

As a member, you should still follow your own marketing plan for getting your music before those who want it. 

Who Benefits?

This membership is available only to professional-level songwriters who apply with two song submissions. Your songs will be reviewed by one of our hit songwriters (platinum-selling writers and up). 

If your songs are found ready to pitch, you'll be invited to join. You'll then pay your annual membership and we'll begin building your presence on our site.

Those who are approved for this membership will have access to phone support for initial account setup. 

Please keep in mind, that while this membership is for professional-level songwriters, it is NOT a Diamond membership. A Diamond membership is for those songwriters (and their heirs) who have previously-published song catalogs for which they need help auditing use of their songs, collecting royalties and more.