Songwriting Instructors

While the SGA does not endorse any particular instructor nor any school for developing songwriters, some of our professionally-published songwriter members offer classes to developing songwriters who are seeking help getting their songs published. Listed here are a few of those offering classes.

Songwriting Instructor Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass

Gregory’s evocative, alternative sound blends, "Rufus Wainwright's opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake ́s accessible soulfulness," (OUT Magazine). His recent spotlight on NPR's Morning Edition has coined him "one of New England's best- kept secrets." Douglass has shared the stage with artists like Regina Spektor, They Might Be Giants, Shawn Colvin, The Weepies, Jason Mraz, and Margaret Cho. According to Pandora's founder, Tim Westergren, Gregory is one of the top independent artists on Pandora radio today. Gregory has sold 200,000+ songs digitally on his own and his videos have amounted to over one million views on his YouTube channels. His music videos have also charted numerous times on MTV Network's LOGO TV.


Songwriting Instructor Harriet Schock

Harriet Schock

Harriet Schock, a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated song writer has been teaching her renowned step-by-step method for thirty years since she taught at USC. She teaches her method online by private personal email between the student and herself. Each step is sent by email and reviewed by her, personally, answered and then the next step is sent. Going through the steps, students end up with one song and a technology for writing songs in the future that exercises every muscle of the songwriting process. Structure, melody, harmony, storytelling, clarity, and visual lyric writing are all addressed so that the songwriter ends up with a song that has emotional impact on the listener.


Instructor Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell

Do you want to improve your songwriting? You do, right? ​

Well, I figured out a long time ago that all good songs -- rock, pop or country -- all have five fundamental elements. These are my five building blocks and I've used them in every song I've written including those recorded by KISS, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Chicago, Merle Haggard, Art Garfunkel and the many other artists who've cut my material.

I've now made these five building blocks the foundation of my "Write Like a Pro" series of audio lessons and I promise they can help boost your songwriting to a higher level too.