Dual SGA-NYSC Platinum

Who Can Benefit:

Our DUAL SGA-NYSC PLATINUM membership is designed for New York intermediate songwriter who has written a number of songs, and perhaps has begun making working demos, but still requires some help advancing their lyric and compositional skills.


What's Included?

Platinum members receive:

  • Dual membership with the New York Songwriters Collective
  • SGA t-shirt
  • Three song critiques with a diamond-selling songwriter
  • Two contract reviews
  • Discounts on entries to the SGA Awards
  • Quarterly prizes (instruments, equipment & classes) for the most active Members' Studio participant
  • Lifelong access to the members-only area -- our Members' Studio


What's NOT Included?

This membership offers intermediate songwriters greater support in improving lyrics, musical compositions and working demos. This membership does NOT offer song placement or other management-style services.


Duration: 1 Year
Price: $84.00