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Developing Songwriter Services

Since 1931, we've given developing songwriters the chance to learn from, and network with, the nation's most successful music creators.

Our professional members have written everything from all-time classics for performers like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to present-day, multi-platinum hits spanning all genres of music. Probably nowhere else can you network with and learn from so many successful professional music creators.

We continue to serve developing songwriters with:

  • the nation's strongest pro-creator song contract
  • song critiques from multi-platinum songwriters
  • career consultations with the pros
  • contract review before you sign
  • members-only social platform with profiles, messaging and forums
  • members-only music marketing advice
  • members-only peer reviews of your songs & lyrics
  • members-only pro filmmaker review & advice on your performance and narrative videos
  • members-only collaboration group
  • members-only equipment giveaways

Wanna join as a developing songwriter?