SGA Staff

Rick Carnes, President, Songwriters Guild of America

When Rick's not on Capitol Hill, marching on the Supreme Court, or in another part of the world fighting for IP rights, he may be just be doing your song critique (or playing chess!).

Rick Carnes


Charlie Sanders, Legal Counsel

Where you find Rick, you'll find Charlie... unless Charlie is on the slopes or in the air... which isn't uncommon. Charlie may help review your contract, too.

Charlie Sanders

Outside Legal Counsel

Sam Fein, Director of Professional Services

Questions about licensing or other professional services? Call Sam at 615-742-9945.

Sam Fein

Director, Professional Svcs.

Jim McClard, Accounting

Questions about your royalties, quarterly reports or other account administration? Call Jim at 615-742-9945.

Jim McClard

Accounting & Operations

Laurie Stevens, Marketing & Membership

If the website is down, contact Laurie. If your membership service request is overdue, ditto. In fact, if you need anything, start by contacting Laurie. Just write

Laurie Stevens

Marketing & Membership

Scott Porterfield, Marketing

Scott's an award-winning filmmaker and former professional touring musician. He offers up advice on everything video. And when Laurie's not available, he does Marketing, too. You can reach him at

Scott Porterfield


Aaron Lynn, Administrator

Aaron is a full-time traveler and part-time musician who can be found on our forums answering questions and giving feedback on songs, lyrics and videos.

Aaron Lynn


Eric Watkins, Nashville SGA

SGA President Ricks Carnes has called Eric Watkins one of the most talented songwriters he's come across. You'll come across Eric offering the occasional song critique or lyric feedback.

Eric Watkins

Nashville SGA