Copyright Termination

Since the passing of the Copyright Act of 1978 (which contains several SGA-generated provisions for the recapture of rights by songwriters and their heirs), the SGA has been at the forefront of providing its members services to regain control of their songs. SGA's knowledgeable copyright staff tracks termination rights based on original copyright dates, and with the member's approval, files termination documents with the U.S. Copyright Office and with other pertinent parties affected by the return of rights under the law (including music publishers, performance rights organizations and licensees).

The SGA can also assist members and their legal representatives in the creation of self-owned publishing companies, which SGA can administer at the member's request through its Catalog Administration Program (CAP). Termination and recapture is the most effective way of preserving a songwriter's legacy and future royalties. Please call our office at (615) 742-9945 for more details or to begin your song termination and recapture process today.