CAP and Song Placement

For those enrolled in our Catalog Administration Program (CAP), SGA song promotion reps will market your songs when and where a need exists. Unlike the larger publishing companies or labels that throw a little money your way and then leave your catalog on a shelf (pushing songs, instead, for which they own publishing rights) our promotion experts work to get members' songs placed in film, advertising, commercials and new media.

In becoming a member of CAP, we'll not only promote your songs wherever music is needed, we'll also assign you a personal representative who will answer your questions whenever they arise. Ever tried getting a large label or publisher to answer your call? Let alone answer your question on a first call? A second? Don't even try.

The SGA has been in the business of serving songwriters for more than 75 years. That's why we're uniquely qualified to handle the catalogs of songwriters. We understand the difficulty of making a living at this craft, so we go that extra mile to service songwriters' needs. With the SGA, there is no conflict of interest between the songwriter and a publisher or label. We serve only songwriters and their heirs. Want to know more about our song promotion services? Call us at 615-742-9945.